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About Us


   Founded in 2016 by Jim Morris, a leading UK drone surveying expert, Drone Surveying works with MANY of the UK’s largest house builders, showing new ways and perspectives into effective site management.

By using the latest high specification drones and software techniques, DRONE SURVEYING creates a data set of high-quality accurate imagery that enables our clients to analyse precise measurements, make volumetric calculations and view recordings of your site enhancing the ability to make comparisons of data from subsequent surveys.  

With extensive health and safety costs associated with construction site operations, the use of UAVs significantly enhances on-site safety. 

•  Our team of drone pilots are fully qualified to operate commercially on your construction sites. 

•  Our CAA GVC Commercial Permissions have been in use for nearly a decade with a clean safety record.

•  Full insurances are in place: Employers’ Public liability and full indemnity insurance.

•  A full set of RAMS will be provided prior to each agreed job.

•  We have supported construction companies in writing and adopting their own drone policy, now in use across their whole organisation.

•  As an established UAV operator, we consult on a regular basis with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on safety issues affecting our industry, ensuring we are up to speed and adhering to the latest legislation, guidance and best practice.


Managing Director

Jim holds the position of Operations Director at Drone Surveying, a company dedicated to providing specialised survey services to the construction industry. Operating nationwide, Jim and his team deliver precise survey-grade data to construction companies, revolutionising their earth management processes and saving them valuable time, resources and money.

Operations Director

Kylie plays a key role as Operations Director to the team at Drone Surveying, providing essential administrative and financial support to ensure smooth operations and efficient workflow. With a proactive attitude and exceptional organisational skills, Kylie serves as the backbone of the organisation, managing administrative tasks and facilitating communication both internally and externally.

Senior Drone Operator

With a passion for aviation and technology, Simon plays a crucial role in ensuring the accurate and efficient execution of aerial surveys, utilising state-of-the-art drone technology. As a certified drone operator, Simon possesses extensive knowledge of aviation regulations and safety protocols, ensuring compliance with industry standards and guidelines.

Drone Operator | Digital & Creative Manager

Tom brings a dynamic blend of digital expertise and piloting skills to his role as the Digital and Creative Manager / Drone Operator at Drone Surveying. With a passion for technology and creativity, Tom plays a key role in enhancing the company’s digital presence while leveraging drone technology for surveying purposes.

Drone Operator

With a passion for aviation and a keen eye for detail, Ben plays a significant role in conducting precise and efficient aerial surveys using cutting-edge drone technology. As a certified drone pilot, Ben possesses in-depth knowledge of aviation regulations and safety protocols, ensuring the safe and compliant operation of drone flights in various environments.

Business Development Manager

Joining Drone Surveying in 2023, Anna brings many transferable skills to the team such as strong communication abilities, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Her experience in the Education sector has honed her ability to develop and implement strategic plans, which she now applies to the task of developing the business at Drone Surveying.

Drone Engineer

Max is a true virtuoso in the digital realm, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and creative flair to his role as a CAD Expert and Video Specialist. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, Max plays a crucial role in transforming raw survey data into comprehensive visualisations and engaging multimedia content.

Marketing Manager

Michelle brings a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and industry knowledge to her role as the Marketing Specialist for Drone Surveying. With a passion for storytelling and a keen understanding of market dynamics, Michelle plays a central role in shaping the company’s brand identity and driving its growth through strategic marketing initiatives.

Our Vision

Our passion is precision. We take pride in our work, and go the extra mile to ensure our clients can rely on the data we provide, every time.

Our data has proven itself invaluable time and time again, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

We’d like to help EVERY house builder, with regular aerial surveys for all – let us show you what we can do, contact us for a free demo today,

David Storm
Bellway Homes
- Technical Director

I have worked with DRONE SURVEYING for some years now, from checking a boundary of new land to auditing earthworks. The use of drones on our sites is now standard; we monitor progress and calculate cut and fill via the online software as our sites progress.

Ian McIntyre
Miller Homes
- Build Engineer Manager

The use of regular mass data collection and the latest drone technology and practises will without doubt save us time and money on our sites. 

Iain Hamilton
Taylor Wimpey
- Technical Director

We use DRONE SURVEYING on all of our sites to support our cut and fill strategy, with regular surveys and their cutting-edge software, we are able to manage our sites much more effectively. 

Adam Bills
Countryside Properties
- Associate Development Director

Having now worked with DRONE SURVEYING engineering solutions for a number of years, their services have proven to be invaluable conducting our volumetric surveys, progress videos and cut and fill support.  The drone data platform has allowed us to get the best from the data with full support and training provided from the DS team

Jacob Henry
- Engineering Manager

The drone data helps us to make quicker and smarter key decisions to ensure we have budget and time control on our projects.  Having monthly surveys on our sites ensures we keep full control of all earth movements.

Greg Richards
Taylor Wimpey
- Senior Engineer

Using aerial imagery from drone surveys helps us anticipate errors or mistakes in the next stage of development instead of waiting for work to start on the ground.  This proactive approach has saved us hundreds of thousands of pounds; a reactive approach can be costly