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Dive into your drone data

The use of drone surveys has brought a new era of accuracy and detail to a range of industries, including construction, agriculture and mining. The house-building industry in particular has been transformed by this technology, which is quickly making traditional surveying methods a thing of the past.

Analysing drone survey data through the use of online platforms offers numerous benefits for teams in the housebuilding sector optimising operations, increasing efficiency and allowing teams to minimise time and expenses by making informed, proactive decisions.  

Working with many house builders, Drone Surveying have gained an insight into the most used tools by teams utilising the online portal.

Top 5 portal picks for quick wins

Be one step ahead of costly litigation by identifying potential discrepancies with inaccurate site boundary lines.

Ensure the correct location of fence boundaries avoiding unnecessary relocation costs and future customer care issues. 

Make significant cost-savings by producing in-house MMP (Materials Management Plan), producing detailed reports including measurements and a full visualisation of material onsite.

Ensure accuracy when calculating earthworks movement; calculate the exact amount of material that has been moved from an area.

Verify the position of roads, driveways and plots when comparing the as-built against the CAD design.



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