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Using drone data to forecast the effect of rainfall on construction sites.

The innovative surface run-off tools within our client portal enable you to quickly visualise how heavy rainfall or flowing water will affect your worksite above and below the ground, based on the current topography and terrain.

Heavy rainfall, leading to flowing and standing water, can significantly disrupt workflow and project progress.

By having a comprehensive understanding of the water dynamics on a site, including drainage patterns, potential flooding areas, and groundwater levels, it is possible to measure and analyse the potential impact across your site so informed decisions can be made.

Following a drone survey, a full picture can be obtained with the touch of a button as to where standing water will collect and the flow path it will take through the entire site. 

This allows for significant cost avoidance including:

  • the planning, maintenance and operation of drainage systems
  • correcting standing water areas
  • mitigating costs attached to clarifying after-sale customer care matters regarding flooding.
Generate a visual of where liquid may flow and collect in the event of a spill.

Drone Surveying’s Managing Director Jim Morris explained:

Following the wettest six months in England in more than 150 years,  housebuilders have faced huge challenges in keeping works moving on site; our drone services offer innovative solutions to minimise disruption during extreme weather.

Prior to carrying out the initial drone survey, we convert your 2D engineers’ drawing into a 3D model checking line work and adding drainage systems.

Data from a subsequent drone survey can identify catchment zones using flow routes and check drainage is adequate and gather measurements of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

By using the liquid drop analysis tool within our client portal, you can quickly identify areas of heavy flow or areas where standing water may occur, visualising how areas will handle stormwater run-off to allow minimal disruption to construction, keeping your site moving, whatever the weather.


Hydrology surveys provide invaluable insights and tools for housebuilders to effectively manage water-related challenges and optimise their construction projects for success.  

Contact us today to request a demonstration of how to use surface run-off tools TO MINIMISE WEATHER DISRUPTION ON YOUR SITE – INFO@DRONESURVEYING.CO.UK